Dark, Hard, Rap


I been waiting for a sign
I been tryin'
I been dyin' inside
My nigga been tired
I been working 9 2 5’s
I been fired
And then hired unsatisfied they thought I lied
Been thought I was gon' win ended up tied
I been taking away from things that I’ve desired
I been cuffed by the police
Ain’t never been wired
I been rolling like tires, with some liars in the jungle seeing tigers
Through snipers but that’s, only the half of what survival requires
I’ve got, something that’ll have churches singing more choirs about the
End of tomorrow
Send those fuckin' devils back in their fires
I been under sorrow
Expectations from higher
A lot of discipline in the mind that you have 2 acquire
I know how hard it is 2 let all your temptations retire
N I been saying life’s not a joke man
I been so broke
Had to borrow money pay back, but I never could
Now I’m looking at the Fendi thought I never would
See the foreign in that leather wood
I remembered starving
But now I’m eating just the way I should
I been telling all my haters that I wish em' good
I been ridin' with homies from every different hood
I been out of time wishing 2 rewind sometimes
I been in my mind been tryna reach my prime
I been lookin for something, that I'm never gon' find
Plus I had a minor setback but I swear I’m fine
Ain’t gon' talk about that now cause it’s not the time
I been kind to the wrong people
Yeah I know It’s been a while
Since I never met somebody honest I don’t trust a smile
So fuck It, I’m doing me every single mile
Have her open up her legs like a, computer file man
I been in the trap just, breaking up the tile,
I been left under the pile when I was put on trial
I been harassed by cops for my skin colour my style
I been seen someone shot and killed man shit is wild
They also put that in the movies and show that to your child
My friend went to prison n I ain’t seen him in a while
Hopefully everything’s good time that we reconcile
Now listen, I been out here, like a public intermission
I been tryna pursue my intuition
I had a dream but I can see it clear like a vision
Something like a book with a chip in
Too many demons up in the system
The way people rappin' now makes me wanna break my fuckin' television
My mind was driven to its highest precision
I wasn’t aware that religion was implanted division
Always proceed 2 go forward without the fear of collision
And keep it movin' like the needle on a clock that be ticking
Just stay focused and appreciate this life you was given